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Types and Flavors of Chocolates

Almost everyone loves chocolate. Be it a child, adult or even older person it is sure that they go crazy for the product. Let us discuss chocolates in detail. It is sure that you would be mouth-watering at the end of this article.

Types of chocolates

There are actually three types of chocolates.

  • Couverture chocolates
  • Ultra-Couverture chocolates
  • Compound chocolates

It is pretty sure that few of you would not be aware of these types. Well, it is definitely interesting to know about it. So, let us begin our discussion.

Couverture chocolates

This is nothing but top quality chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter in it. The best cocoa beans are picked in order to make these chocolates. When tempered properly a glossy look is achieved and it melts smoothly on your tongue.

Ultra-couverture chocolates

The percentage of Cocoa butter would be even higher for these chocolates over Couverture. It might be a little hard to create a proper taste as well as texture with these chocolates.

Compound chocolates

These chocolates consist of vegetable oil over Cocoa butter. There is no need for tempering and the candies can be easily made.

Flavours of chocolates

Let’s look at a different flavours of Chocolates,

Dark chocolates

These chocolates contain a higher percentage of Cocoa bean compared to other flavours. You should know that it does not contain any dairy product in it. This is the reason why it is bitter in taste when compared to other forms.

Milk chocolates

These chocolates are made with Cocoa butter, sugar and milk in it. Taste of these candies would be sweet and you would not find any bitter taste.

White chocolates

This category of chocolates does not contain any cocoa powder in it. It is created with a combination of milk solids and sugar.

Ruby chocolates

This is a recently introduced flavour of chocolate. The ingredients present in this type of candy are still unclear and not revealed by the company yet. According to those who got an opportunity to taste ruby says that it feels more like butter that is sweet rather than chocolate.

We would get an opportunity to taste ruby only after 9 to 10 months of time. However, it is pretty sure that we are equally excited to taste and welcome the new invention.

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