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Top chocolate brands in India

Top Chocolate Brands in India

Chocolate consumption among people started back at 350 BC. From then till now, the craze towards chocolate is on a high rise. It is known that a very less percentage of individuals don’t like candies. But, the rest of the people in the world would die for it. Yeah! That’s how we all love to consume chocolates.

There is a big marketplace for it hence there are many chocolate manufacturers in the world. In this blog, we are going to look at top chocolate brands in India.

List of Top Chocolate Brands in India

1. Cadbury

It is very true that this brand is the most loved in Hindustan. From birthdays, gifts to proposals Dairy Milk would definitely be a part of it. That’s how we stay close to this brand. There are many varieties offered by this British Confectionery Company like Dairy milk Silk, Dairy Milk crackles, and Cadbury celebrations pack.

You can buy chocolates from 5 rupees. It also offers Bourneville for people who love rich dark chocolate. The ’80s and 90’s generation kids would feel nostalgic towards Gems, Perk, and Five stars which are also sold by Cadbury company.

The world’s second-largest chocolate seller operates nearly 50 countries and has more than 50 percent market share in India.

2. Nestle

The milky bar is the chocolate that we love a lot from this brand. I personally prefer, adore, and miss the old Milky bar that they used to sell during my childhood. There is no comparison to its taste and the newer versions are not even close to it. Hope! They bring back it soon.

This is a Switzerland company that also offers other varieties like Kit Kat, Munch, Bar one and Alpino. Nestle never fails to amaze us with their chocolates and they also sell candies from 5 rupees.

3. Amul

This is a well-known brand from India which starts date back in 1946. It is also a big brand and has many consumers in the country. They offer dark chocolate, white chocolate, Almond bar, Fruits and nuts as well as orange chocolates.

It does taste pretty amazing and I would love to support them as they are from India. It is very happy to know that an Indian brand is doing well.

4. Ferrero rocher chocolates

This is a brand from Italy and is available to us from 2004. However, it is just a few years now that this brand has got recognition among people and it is selling pretty well.  We do adore the packaging of the chocolates. Every Ferrero is wrapped with golden foil and placed in a transparent beautiful box. It is expensive but worth the taste.

The above mentioned are big brands however the chocolates are machine-made. No matter how good they are, there is always a market for handmade chocolates. If we want to gift chocolates to our loved ones then we would definitely prefer the ones that are made from artisans.

This is the reason why there is much handmade chocolate business being budding up. If you are looking for a different and unique gift for any occasion then you can buy chocolates from Toffeehub. Here, we offer chocolates that are handmade with love and care which would definitely make your special day even better.

The advantage of choosing Toffeehub is that you can call us and ask for customization. Come on! We would definitely do it for you as we value our customers the most. The person who receives the gift will also be amazed and surprised by seeing our unique candies when they would be imagining that you would only choose the regular brand.

The person who is very close and who would stay with you regardless of the situation is definitely “YOU”. So, why don’t you treat yourself with chocolates from Toffeehub! You definitely deserve this small treat. You can gift others or to you from our brand.

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