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About Us

Toffeehub is our online chocolate selling site which is created out of love for candies. We, at Toffeehub, offer a wide range of chocolate varieties to our customers.

Each piece of chocolate is made with passion and is wrapped by hand. First quality ingredients are used to make our chocolates and no compromises are made on their taste. Here, our customers can try unique chocolate varieties which would definitely tickle the taste buds.

You can pick mendiants, truffles, designer candies and much more from here. The chocolates are filled with delicious fruits and nuts. Get the opportunity to indulge in milk, white and dark chocolates from our collection.

The user friendly application makes for easy purchasing of chocolates online in Chennai. The chocolates are placed in beautiful gift boxes to surprise your loved ones on their special days.

For every occasion throughout the year, we offer appropriate chocolate dishes of your choice. Call us to get your customized chocolates.

We encourage suggestions, comments and reviews from our customers which will help us understand their needs better so that we can meet their expectations.

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